LETTER: Lawsuit is as low as one can stoop

Aug. 07, 2013 @ 05:01 AM

To the Editor:

This is regarding the Aug. 1 Herald article about the lawsuit being brought by Chet Mann, ”Chip” Post, Jan Hayes and Tony Lett to retain their seats on the Central Carolina Community College Board of Trustees.

It is difficult to understand why this unpaid position is so coveted by these four people. Is there something about these positions that the public doesn’t understand? Or, is it sour-grapes, Democrat trial lawyers being vengeful?

Of the numerous jokes about trial lawyers, perhaps the one that best fits Jon Silverman, who represents these four plaintiffs, and his law partner, “Chip” Post, is this one: Why do trial lawyers play racquetball so well? The answer is, “Because they stoop so low.”

I think most people will agree that suing taxpayers to keep a seat on an appointed board is as about as low as one can stoop.

Perhaps, if Mr. Post’s trial-lawyer son, “Chas,” fails to win a seat on the Sanford City Council this fall, he will sue the voters and the board of elections. This would be no more frivolous than the suit against taxpayers.

Joyce Brainard

Lee County