LETTER: Where was the outrage before?

Aug. 08, 2013 @ 04:59 AM

To the Editor:

What a biased, anti-Republican and pointed question posed to the public as to teacher issues on the front page of the Friday (8-2-13) edition of The Sanford Herald.

I have two daughters who are public N.C. teachers, and each with 20 years and beyond of classroom instruction. Both have experienced years and years of little to zero pay increases. Both have experienced education funding cuts to the extent parents of teachers and students have paid out of their own pockets for classroom materials to include replacement of ragged text books. N.C. schools have been ranked at or near the bottom in comparison to other U.S. schools for years, and now all at once it is a world-shattering, evil event [with blame placed on] Gov. Pat McCrory, who has been in office some six months.

North Carolina taxpayers fork over $600,000 a year, plus all the perks and a home, in wages to the president of the UNC System and $30,000 or less for the entry level of a teacher! Where is the outcry? On the local level, we the taxpayers pay the superintendent some $150,000 a year with never ever any mention of pay cuts to their position or any pay cuts to administrative personnel. Where is the outcry?

I spoke with both our daughters about professions other than teaching and both said “We can make a difference.”

... The media is trying to dupe law-abiding, hardworking folks into thinking these atrocious happenings have only occurred during these some six months of a new Republican administration.

My comments not only apply to local happenings, but also to the protesters at the legislative building who seem to think they, and only they, have some kind of inclusive right to and ownership of a building that belongs to all, and I emphasize all, North Carolinians.

I honestly believe a lot of people, now in the minority, think of the word Republican as evil and are forevermore etched in acid in their views to discredit same even though issues and policies being protested by them were enacted by Democrats years and years ago.

Edward M. “Eddie” Hill