LETTER: Chet Mann believes in Sanford

Aug. 13, 2013 @ 04:56 AM

To The Editor:

Sanford is at a pivotal time in its history. We are coming out of some very hard times and we still have a way to go. We can choose to move forward or to further decline. Now is the time to begin planning, moving forward and rebuilding. Now is time for a change.

We have had several years of a leadership style in the city and county that have not been conducive to growth and healing from the recession. Our downtowns in Jonesboro and Sanford are looking tired and worn out. We need more jobs and someone to help lead with a growth agenda.

Chet Mann believes in Sanford and will bring a pro-business and pro-growth focus. He has the energy and experience in running business and serving on local boards to make a great mayor. He will fight for what is right and bring a positive attitude to the City Council. He has worked hard for education and economic development in Sanford and Lee County, serving as chairman of the Chamber of Commerce and now as a trustee at CCCC, our nationally ranked community college.

We need a strong leader that works with all people to get things accomplished. We need a different kind of management style on the City Council. A get it done kind of leader. Chet will bring that. Vote to elect Chet Mann for mayor.

Larry “Doc” Oldham