LETTER: Sen. Tillis — an alarming prospect

May. 30, 2014 @ 04:58 AM

To the Editor:

Thom Tillis in the United States Senate? — an alarming prospect for a beleaguered Democracy that has been sold out to corporate interests and super-PACS, muffling the voices of ordinary citizens and minorities.

Millions of dollars in ads, contemptibly attacking Kay Hagan’s support of the president and the ACA, assured Tillis of a predictable primary win. The ads avoid any mention of his own qualifications for the Senate, as did the “debates” — tiresome rants that cast dim light on the candidates’ ideas or issues.

That Tillis would associate himself with such ruthless predators as Rove and the Koch brothers reveals much about his character. He was chosen as a proven power broker and fundraiser who will advance their agenda regardless of the national interest or the public welfare.

After watching the horror show “absolute power corrupts absolutely” in North Carolina, it is painfully clear that America can’t tolerate a rerun in the U.S. Senate. To replace the excellent first-term stewardship of Sen. Kay Hagan with one who has no positive vision or constructive agenda, no appreciation of the Senate’s greater purpose, can’t express a thought beyond labels and slogans, and who is committed to short-term, narrow interests, would be a travesty and a mockery of America’s promise.

Evan K. Miller