LETTER: Need is great for Helping Hand Clinic

May. 15, 2014 @ 04:58 AM

To the Editor:

Thank you for shining a spotlight on the Helping Hand Clinic, one of this community’s irreplaceable treasures.

I would like to add a postscript to your editorial in Friday’s Sanford Herald about Marilyn Green’s work on behalf of the clinic. The decision made at the state level in North Carolina to decline to expand the Medicaid program and pass on three years of federal funding to do so leaves 500,000 residents of this state without good access to medical care. About 6,000 of those people are residents of Lee County, and they make up the clientele that the Helping Hand Clinic serves.

The need is overwhelming, and the clinic needs about $200,000 this year to fulfill its mission in Lee County in 2014. Marilyn Green routinely squeezes $10 worth of value out of every dollar donated. If you haven’t make a donation to the Helping Hand Clinic, I urge you to send a check for as much as you can spare to the clinic, 507 N. Steele St., Sanford, N.C. 27330. It is a matter of life or death.

Irene Smith