LETTER: Law should not be based on personal beliefs, preferences

May. 22, 2014 @ 04:59 AM

To the Editor:

“Bring in the gay sheep and offer them a drink.”

Pope Francis says he doesn't feel it is within his authority to judge whether or not a gay person chooses a gay lifestyle.

In my own words, I believe mortals need not burden themselves or worry about a consensus in this very personal decision between an individual and God.

If we choose to “Judge ye not least ye be judged,” then it becomes easier to accept that all hard-working, tax-paying citizens be given the same financial benefits and equal opportunities, and that gays have the legal right to be married.

Being legally married does not mean gays or any other couple are automatically granted a seal of approval from people who disagree with their union.

People who disagree can continue to voice that they do not believe it is ethically, morally or religiously acceptable. Personal beliefs and personal preferences do not have to become the law for all.

People who disagree can continue efforts to influence or convert others. But bringing in the sheep doesn't mean they are obligated to drink.

If they don't want to be brought in, then thank God for good will and free will — yours and theirs. Thank God for the Serenity Prayer.

Vivian Rosser