LETTER: Statements should not be misleading

May. 23, 2014 @ 04:58 AM

To the Editor:

Keith Clark’s letter to the editor on May 20 again revealed how he spins a subject to attack those who he dislikes.

The Sanford Herald is commended for adding an editor’s note that let readers know that the continuously disgruntled Mr. Clark omitted some pertinent facts in his tirade against some of the Lee County Commissioners.

Mr. Clark not only omitted facts, he used misleading statements to attack the commissioners.

In the same paragraph that Mr. Clark called for putting this “bungled mess behind,” he accused the commissioners of starting “this mess.” Herald readers should certainly know that the commissioners named by Mr. Clark did not file the lawsuit. It was filed against them. Unfortunately, they must defend themselves against an uncalled-for lawsuit, obviously filed for political reasons. The lawsuit was brought by a political activist, who also often expresses his contempt for the same commissioners.

Regardless of how Mr. Clark or others try to spin this, the lawsuit was filed against Lee County taxpayers. A self-proclaimed expert on such matters should realize this. Obviously, Commissioner Amy Dalrymple has no problem with suing taxpayers, since she was involved in the allegations from the beginning.

Mr. Clark’s statements regarding the conduct of commissioners while in “closed” session are so outlandish that everyone should know that they simply cannot be true. Incredibly, his description suggests that he was in the “closed” meeting.

Based upon his oral comments at board meetings and his written statements, there appears to be no subject upon which Mr. Clark is not an expert.

Listeners and readers would be better served if an expert’s statements were factual and not misleading.

Jonathan Gonia

Lee County