LETTER: Please tell us ...

Oct. 01, 2013 @ 05:00 AM

To the Editor:

The Affordable Care Act is neither caring or affordable! You are not allowed “to keep your insurance if you like it” or “keep your doctor,” and you certainly won’t “see your premiums drop” as the many lies spewed by the dear leader and his myrmidons indicate.

Please tell us — what government program or entitlement has run efficiently? Tell us why so many private businesses are dropping their employees’ health care coverage? Please tell us why the county has to pay over $77,000 in ACA taxes? Please tell us how a racist tax was imposed last year on people who use tanning salons? Tell us why Senator Hagan opposes the medical devices taxes?

Could someone tell us why once advocates for big government, our workers collectives (labor unions) are now opposing the ACA? Tell us why a number of employers are now relegating many of the full-time workers to part-time employees? Tell us why this government behemoth is violating the First Amendment by demanding people who conscientiously object to the murdering of the unborn must be forced to pay for such a genocidal act? Every practicing minister, pastor, priest and rabbi should stand for life, as this monstrosity also devalues human life through the creation of a “death panel” — a committee of nameless, faceless bureaucrats who will decide life-and-death issues!

I applaud Pastor MacInnes for standing on biblical principles and denouncing the greatest threat to our God-given liberties!

Kirk D. Smith


(Editor’s note: Kirk D. Smith is a member of the Lee County Board of Commissioners.)