LETTER: Teachers’ problems are long-standing

Nov. 14, 2013 @ 04:59 AM

To the Editor:

I do not understand the tactics of the NEA [National Education Association] just some 11 months into a Republican-controlled governorship and legislative body.

The problems North Carolina public school teachers are protesting have been existing for years untold under the leadership of Democrats, period!

You, the teacher, have not received a decent pay raise in years, and most years have been zero. Did you protest to the Democrat leadership? Where was the NEA? Did the liberal and biased press come to your rescue? Gov. Perdue furloughed hundreds of teachers. No protest. For years you, the teacher, and parents of teachers have used your and our own monies for classroom materials and books. Where was the outcry?

There are several educators whose salaries are 15 times more than you, the teacher, and your liberal, union-backed NEA does not contest it. How would you, the teacher, enjoy a longevity check of some $20,000 a year? How about a nice home with no payments, all utilities, all repairs and a salary of some $500,000 a year — not a lifetime?

The liberal press was on Gov. McCrory’s case about a measly $200,000 to upgrade the Governor’s Mansion. Just exactly how many of these we-can’t-do-without educators are living in taxpayer-owned homes? ... Does the cost for upkeep exceed $200,000?

You, the teacher — to include my own two daughters — have sweated it out in the classroom and put up with endless atrocious social distractions for years, to include but not limited to lack of discipline, lack of respect and a total disregard of God, under 100 years plus of Democrat control. North Carolina teachers are near the bottom of national rankings. Why? For every one of you teachers, there are at least five administrators.

Eddie Hill