LETTER: Poor pronunciation suggests sloppiness

Mar. 29, 2014 @ 04:58 AM

To the Editor:

Have you noticed?

If you have, does it really matter? The subject of my letter is the word “to” and the word “for.” These are very common in our spoken communication, but for some reason, they are mutating into “ta” and “fer.” Just listen to any news broadcast and pay attention. We can read a sentence with misspelled words and our mind knows what the word is by the context of the subject. This process is so simple, we do not even notice the misspelling. But when you listen to speech, pronunciation stands out due to its unfamiliarity.

I would like ta demonstrate fer you what I mean. For me, such pronunciation suggests a sloppy or lazy way of speaking. I have observed this speech habit from no less then the POTUS, as well as news reporters. Oh well, who cares as long as what I thought I heard is what you meant to say.

Walt Doelp