LETTER: Good news for group homes

Aug. 20, 2013 @ 04:59 AM

To the Editor:

This is a follow up letter concerning state funding for group homes in North Carolina; we received good news! Our state legislature voted to allow group homes across the state to receive funding for the loss of personal care services money. Thank you to anyone who might have called, emailed or written letters on our behalf. We appreciate your support.

You know, some people think we are a drain on an already depressed economy. Yes, we do receive state and federal dollars for our sustainability, but we give it right back. How? We receive all of our medical, dental and vision care with local providers. We attend and work at Lee County Industries. We volunteer at a local day care program. We have paid employment at a local park and fast food restaurant. We support local entertainment — parks, Temple Theatre, the bowling alley, Stevens Center, and Depot Park events. We buy all of groceries and gas locally. We dine out at local restaurants and use our COLTS transportation system. We participated last year in the local Farmers Food to Table program with the agricultural center. Currently, we maintain a community garden plot. We pay our bills on time, abide by the laws and maintain clean, neighborhood friendly homes.

No, we are not overstaffed as was suggested. We have to follow licensure guidelines and ratios. Our staff is dedicated to our cause and mission by volunteering to work hours without pay, work split shifts and make personal sacrifices for us. Some are even completing grant proposals to help our financial situation.

So, you see, we are here, we contribute, we participate and we appreciate the opportunity to live and learn in our group homes. We have found that living does in fact take a group and we thank you for letting us to be a part of the group.

Submitted on behalf of the residents of Lee County Group Homes, Inc.

Mary Bennett