LETTER: Attorney makes invalid argument

Aug. 29, 2013 @ 04:57 AM

To the Editor:

Objection! Mr. [Jon] Silverman’s “indictment” of the Tea Party [Letter to the editor, Aug. 27] being like the Muslim Brotherhood should get him “held in contempt” (Ha!). Jon, instead of asking, “Is this really who we are?” about us, maybe the question should be, “Is that who YOU really are?”

As [Silverman is] one of the best lawyers in town, and a great Little League coach, I am shocked he made those comments in his letter. Where’s the “probable cause” that Tea Partiers murder? Fact: No one in the Tea Party has raped, murdered, beat up or defecated on a police car, etc. You must have meant to compare the “Occupy Wall Street” participants to the Muslim Brotherhood gang.

For the "record,” HAVEN closing had nothing to do with the Republicans cutting taxes. Apparently, some are in the courtroom so much that they can’t read the articles in their hometown paper. But they can find time to write a letter! Please, sir, give us the “inculpatory evidence” that Republicans caused it!

Kids are not starving because the Barbers, the Silvermans, the Manns, the Posts, the Gastons, the Bradleys or any other Lee County citizen, Republican, Democrat or Independent, who works for a living will get a tax break. Yes, earth to liberals ... even Democrats are going to benefit — shock!

And although the legislature sets the base pay for teachers, it’s totally up to the local board of education to reward with higher pay and better benefits. Our teachers should be addressing Lynn [Smith], Tamara [Brogan], Wendy [Carlyle], Cameron [Sharpe], Mark [Akinosho], Linda [Smith] and John [Bonardi] with their concerns. That's who holds the purse strings. What are they afraid of?

So instead of comparing this God-fearing, freedom-loving, gun-toting, small-government, lipstick-wearing mama to thugs that murder at will and who have no regard for life like some he defends, Mr. Silverman and others in his clique should do something about their concerns.

Open the checkbook and write those checks so HAVEN can buy some calculators and get back on track. Pick a classroom and fund the supplies needed. Send a teacher a gift card for appreciation. In other words, put your money where your mouth is.

Nope — that would be using common sense and decency! Instead, they bash their opposition while ignoring the true issues. Liberals are good at that. Mr. Silverman, your argument is deemed “inadmissible”!

Sheila Barber