LETTER: Mann has what it takes to be mayor

Aug. 30, 2013 @ 04:56 AM

To the Editor:

I understand the importance of economic development, quality education, and how housing and amenities affect the vitality of a city. Housing is a key component to our community’s well being, and it is critical to our economy. The area Realtors serve as ambassadors for Sanford and Lee County, as we are often the first people a prospective resident will talk to about their decision to live, work and play in Sanford.

We need energy, ideas, effort and a vision to help us encourage and promote Sanford to those who are looking to relocate here. We need to see local government leading the way on priorities in order to entice private investment in Sanford.

I am supporting and encouraging the election of Chet Mann for mayor of Sanford. Chet has a strong business background. He has successfully run and operated several businesses in Sanford. He reinvented himself as a mortgage lender and understands housing and development. He has championed the Second Century branding and marketing effort, chaired the Chamber of Commerce and co-authored the Chamber’s Vision Initiative Plan in 2010. That plan contains many of the current bond referendum components on the ballot today. He and many others called for these ideas many years ago. He has a plan and a slogan that he wants “Sanford Open for Business.” Please elect Chet Mann for Mayor of Sanford on Sept. 10.

Pam Gordon, President

Sanford Area Association of Realtors