LETTER: It's time to retire some N.C. officials

Jun. 20, 2014 @ 04:56 AM

To the Editor:

The voters will not be able to stop all the damages heaped upon the state in the upcoming election in November, but they should be able to chip away at [the Republicans'] majority status.

The biggest hits were felt by the schools, municipalities and the average taxpayers. The increase in sales taxes on utility bills will kick in beginning in July.

They play the shell game with taxes. They cut the tax rate for the wealthy and corporations from 8 percent down to 5 percent, but Gov. McCrory's plan is to cut the rate to 4 percent ... for this group before his term is over.

The individual making $200,000 received a $10,000 tax decrease, while the average person got no tax decrease. They ended up paying more in sales tax, instituted to make up the revenues lost... .

They sliced all the state budgets so severely that there is no place to left to cut. So this year, as I predicted six months ago, the teachers and state workers will receive a pay hike since it is an election year.

It looks like the House's version of getting money from increasing The North Carolina Education Lottery ticket sales will be the way they will go.

The Republicans don't seem to mind being hypocritical because when the lottery was instituted, they were dead set against it. But now they have no qualms about expanding it.

Our representative, Mike Stone, has been missing in action as far as most of the citizens of Lee County [are concerned], except concerning the Fracking Bill.

The elected officials can't govern without the consent of the citizens. It's time to retire some members of this state legislature.

Robert O. Stone