LETTER: HAVEN in need of community’s help

Jun. 13, 2014 @ 04:59 AM

To the Editor:

Lee County is an exceptionally generous and giving community, and were it not so, HAVEN would not be getting stronger every day. We are rebuilding HAVEN from the ground up, including financial, programmatic and educational aspects.

All three of the main grant sources from our state and federal programs will be supporting HAVEN beginning July 1, 2014. What we will still need are donations of money to help HAVEN serve victims of domestic violence and sexual assault in our shelter and in our community outreach programs. Local funding is required for HAVEN to receive the grant dollars that must be matched.

It is important for all Lee County citizens to ask what each of us can continue to do to support those in our community — women, men and children — who need safety and support to heal from abuse. In light of our continuing needs, we want each citizen to say “Count me in.”

Susan Swan King

Executive Director

HAVEN in Lee County