LETTER: Believe in our future

Aug. 14, 2013 @ 04:56 AM

To the Editor:

There is every reason to be positive about our city government’s plans to begin the long awaited construction needed to upgrade and modernize our city.

First and foremost, our elected City Council leaders are supportive. Several who have expressed reservations about one part or another have told me that, on balance, Sanford’s future depends on sound investments like this to help make our home more attractive, safer and more fun to be apart of. They know that this will help us compete with the towns and cities around us which are busy attracting new jobs and new families with these kinds of amenities. Sanford needs to be in this race now!

I know that our city planners and administrators have done a great deal of preparatory work to be ready. They know where new sidewalks must go. Plans are ready for downtown Sanford and Jonesboro streetscapes and beautification. The greenway plans under design are very smart to link Kiwanis Park to Medical Park to downtown. This will help put us on a pleasant and important path to better health. The potential for having a new urban park with a splash pool, perhaps adjoining the greenway, will serve children of all ages; the plans I have heard envisioned are just awesome.

Planning has been taken as far as it is prudent to take it until our citizens say yes! I am also convinced that the cost of these improvements will be manageable and, with an improved economy, there may never be cause to raise taxes as the costs will be absorbed, at least the greater part, over the next 10 years or beyond.

Sanford will grow and prosper with our pride and leadership intact. Let us be positive and believe in our future. Please vote yes.

Richard Hayes