LETTER: Herald editorial draws ire of reader

Aug. 15, 2013 @ 04:59 AM

To the Editor:

There is a saying that if you torture the facts long enough, sooner or later they will confess. Also, "l heard it straight from the horse’s mouth.”

The Herald editorial board would have done well to follow the latter instead of the former in its recent opinion on CCCC board trustee removal. The hatchet job done by its editorial staff would have left even the perpetrators of the inquisition drooling with envy.

I had the opportunity to follow my own advise when Mr. [Mike] Stone spoke at the Republican Women’s monthly meeting, an event The Herald was conspicuously absent. The listeners had the chance to hear first-hand the process followed in the trustees removal. The Herald made great fanfare about how the Republican Stone had removed only the Democratic members from the board. What it conveniently failed to mention was the board was composed entirely of Democrats, or non affiliated members. It’s kind of hard for the man visiting the parrot section of the pet store to bring home a dog.

Also lost on The Herald was that the newest appointees were the ones removed. Then there were the flippant remarks about obscure guidelines not being followed as unreasonable grounds for the removal of the trustees. ...

The Herald promoted the narrative of the mean old powerful Republican pushing his political weight around at the expense of these poor, disenfranchised citizens. I grew up as a kid a few blocks from Mr. Stone. If we were middle class, you could have fooled us. Mike is a self-made man. Those who really know him know everything he has he gained by hard work and perseverance. I think the citizens of Sanford are smart enough to recognize names like Mann, Lett and Post as more than just average citizens.

Finally, The Herald promoted this having a political angle. On this, we agree. It kind of reminds me how a few years ago certain powerful members of our community were upset their children weren't getting enough playing time on the football field, then set about trying to ridicule its coach. The question begs: why is it so important to these high profile citizens to remain on this board?

Dale Marks