LETTER: Robberies should be alarming

Aug. 16, 2013 @ 04:57 AM

To the Editor:

Gee whiz, Wells Fargo bank knocked off twice in recent months by what our local police believe to be the same robbers! And with a total clothing coverup and masks, they certainly appear to be fleet of foot in escaping apprehension.

Where in our fair Gotham city (Sanford) is our superhero who will catch these villains? Let Police Commissioner James Gordon project the bat signal at night into our fair skies to summon Batman with his young sidekick Robin! Bruce Wayne will don his bat suit with Robin and scream onto the crime scene with the famous Batmobile. With the persona of Zorro mixed in with the genes from The Shadow and Sherlock Holmes, these bank crooks will not stand a chance.

After all, the crusade against the forces of evil must have a champion to protect our innocent civilians. And like the monikers hung on past villains like the Joker, Poison Ivy and the Riddler, to name just a few who were brought to justice, these two robbers should also be brought to justice. But in this tongue-in-cheek exercise, let’s just call one 2 Shot, because he fires two shots in the ceiling each time, and the other Bagman, because he apparently performs that function first.

On a more serious note, in my opinion more armed robberies should be alarming to our community as now people may be hurt or killed in the commission of stealing money ... Our local police need our citizens to be more vigilant to watch for a suspicious individual or individuals who might be sprinting through their location. Most likely they are up to no good, but irregardless this 911 call may result in an arrest and conviction of these robbers who are a menace to society.

George J. Wilberg