LETTER: It’s time to agree we have a problem

Oct. 04, 2013 @ 04:59 AM

To the Editor:

I would like to pose this question: What is Obamacare, or, shall I say, O-blame-a-care? Have we somehow become a point-the-finger generation that does not care who has affordable health insurance or any health coverage at all as long as we are protected ourselves?

We have a divided government that has stood by and watched 800,000 government employees get sent home as [legislators] fight to determine who has the biggest ego. Now, you do realize that anything divided against itself cannot stand — to include that white house on the hill. Maybe it is time for our leaders collecting six-figure-plus incomes in designer suits to lead by example.

I suggest that they draw unemployment along with the struggling people across America so they can realistically know what bitter financial hardship looks, feels and tastes like. It is time for somebody in Washington to agree that we have a major problem at minimum.

The true reality is that we will always have leadership problems until we boycott and vote out those who only have their own self-serving survival at heart. You see, many of us want change, but tell me at what cost and what price? Now, who is ready to raise their rock-filled hidden hand and step out of this global comfort zone that is surely not working?

William K. Johnson