LETTER: Herald one-sided when it comes to fracking

Apr. 11, 2014 @ 04:59 AM

To the Editor:

The bias of The Sanford Herald regarding shale drilling is utterly disgusting. At first, I thought it just a ploy to sell more non-proofed, undersized newspapers, but your actions prove me wrong. Printing the many articles like the “Neighbors bicker, etc.” on April 1, and then the article this Sunday where the false claims of the “fracknofascists” are reprinted as a news story, thereby giving those individuals more unpaid coverage, constitutes disgusting, even reprehensible, bias.

I have not seen one article printed by this dubious, so-called newspaper that showed even the slightest positive side of shale drilling. Worse, extremely important events like the March 31 Duke University symposium, hosted by Dr. Newell of the Duke Energy Initiative, on shale energy finance that was attended by participants from all over the country, was not even mentioned, here in the heart of the energy field!

Neither a word about the meeting last week of the Joint Legislative Commission on Energy Policy (sounds reasonably important) and their release of the new schedule for completing rules, description of actions needed and their response to legislators questions about recent TV ads! The Herald is quick to print “news wire stories,” which are seldom news but rather anti-drilling, utterly opinionated, one-sided spew. On the other hand, three of the major decision makers on the Mining & Energy Commission are county residents with their homes and or businesses, yet I don’t recall any articles or interviews of them. If you are truly interested in the truth, why not directly question or interview the chairman, the vice chairman or the head of the Local Government Steering Committee?

Mr. Horner, Mr. Hight, Mr. Doran, shame on you! If you spent less time chronicling the fracknofascists and just some time interviewing the actual officials examining the facts and making the rules, we’d get real reporting! But, I see that’s not your agenda.

Frank Del Palazzo