LETTER: Keeping our heads in the sand no longer an option

Mar. 12, 2014 @ 04:59 AM

To the Editor:

There arrives a moment when a person must stand and defend his beliefs, and principles, or watch them slowly erode away. Sadly, such a time has come to Christians. Our opponents are well connected, and financed. Just as their antecedents were not appeased at the offering of Lot’s daughters to satisfy unconscionable lust, these, too, are not content with merely (being) allowed to participate in base and iniquitous passions — but seek also to stamp out and punish all dissent to their disreputable behavior.

They seek to shame detractors into silence by pointing out their own shortcomings, as though one illicit action excuses another — when it is God who will judge both. While we admit to our sinfulness, they openly parade theirs. Despite clear teachings from their creator, they lay claim to moral high ground under the banner of love, but merely use love as a cloak to mask their depraved and corrupt actions.

They have audacity to equate the color of skin one has no control over with behavior one does (have control over) — thus, hijacking the noble civil rights flag so many gave (their) lives for.

Intolerance is a favorite term of use for them, yet (they) show little reverence to tolerance when it comes to opposing views of conscience (and they are) unable to persuade you. They turn their attention to the precious souls of your children with the full weight of government behind them. While the inclusive, broad (and) wobbly road they toe is a pleasant intoxicant to easily persuaded minds, it is in stark contrast to the exclusive straight-and-narrow path paved by the precious blood of our Lord Jesus.

Thus, the conflict — the lines defined for us, we must choose to defend the faith delivered to the saints, once and for all standing on the firm footing of the chief cornerstone, or crawl on our knees, with our shepherds forced to secure insurance for words spoken from the pulpit. Placing one’s head in the sand is no longer an option.

Dale Marks