LETTER: Responding to the fractivists

Mar. 13, 2014 @ 04:59 AM

To the Editor:

First, let me say that I moved to Sanford from New York, where the governor is preventing oil and gas development by fiat. His ridiculous action is destroying the economy of southwest N.Y., where the vast number of landowners desperately need energy revenues to save their dairy farms. I hope and pray North Carolina is smart enough not to go down the path N.Y. has taken.

I read the February letter from Ms. [Jeanne] Rhea with disbelief. Is she serious, or is she trying to mislead the public in the same way other recent fractivists have done recently? Her letter has so many false statements there isn’t space to challenge every one. Ms. Rhea should know that the law passed by the General Assembly in 2012 created a 5,000-foot stipulation for mandatory water. The purpose was to ensure testing was occurring within that range, not to establish limits for gas company liability. To insinuate otherwise is silly.

Ms. Rhea complains about waste water disposal sites, but she surely knows the mining and energy commission is not writing rules to permit deep-well disposal of flow-back water. The commission has instead written rules requiring wastewater to be treated and reused or to be hauled out of state for disposal.

Ms. Rhea talks about lawsuits denying a landowner remedy if his water was more then 2,500 feet from a gas well. That is nonsense. Nowhere in the country does that happen, and it won’t happen here. State law protects landowners from that sort of thing happening.

Ms. Rhea talks about there being “so much secrecy from the fracking industry,” but what she doesn’t say is that 100 percent of [the companies’] activity is subject to disclosure — their permits, their chemicals and water used, their waste disposal, their production volumes and even their lease agreements.

Ms. Rhea is quick to scaremonger the uninformed, but she is short on facts to support her claims and assertions. These same people try to scare senior citizens when they try to win elections by fabricating lies, like the Republican Party will take away their benefits from them — something they always use.

There are a lot of gullible people out there that take these lies as gospel. These people have an agenda to push. Some of them perhaps adhere to the Mother Earth policy — groups like Elf (Earth Liberation Force). They have a website if you don’t believe me.

Rich Guilbert