LETTER: We were promised safest regulations

Oct. 11, 2013 @ 04:58 AM

To the Editor:

It has been reported recently that Colorado flooding may have unleashed fracking fluids.

Harnett and Lee counties were subject to a flash flood warning on June 7.

The N.C. Mining and Energy Commission (MEC) Water and Waste Management Committee are currently working on rules for "Oil and Gas Industrial Waste Management" that include the disposal of fracking fluid. The current draft MEC rules for hydraulic fracturing (fracking) in North Carolina propose storing fracking wastewater in open pits!

With a flood in Harnett and Lee counties, the stored fracking fluids will overflow the storage pits, releasing toxic chemicals and carcinogens everywhere! It will endanger people, drinking water, livestock and crops.

Gov. McCrory, members of the N.C. House and Senate, DENR and also the MEC promised that N.C. shall have the “safest hydraulic fracking regulations in the country." This is breaking that promise.

Charlie Ritter