LETTER: Some mud will stick

Oct. 15, 2013 @ 05:00 AM

To the Editor:

The Republican House members are the ones who shut the government down, even if they have been able to muddy the water about the cause.

They only had to sign off on a clean continuing [resolution] bill that the Senate had already passed. Since the House had voted 30 odd times to repeal The Affordable Care Act, they decided to try to dismantle it with provisions attached to the [continuing resolution] bill. The Senate rejected their amendments, and thus the stalemate began.

If the Affordable Care Act is as bad as the opposition party says it is, then it will be rejected by the citizens in the next election.

But I think the Republicans don't want it to be put into effect because the American people may like it, and then their only complaint will be the budget deficit, which was part of their doing under previous administrations.

There is a legal way to make changes to the law since every new one rolled out has glitches that have to corrected.

It is done legislatively by the House and Senate concurring, not by holding a gun to the president's head.

The next big crisis slated to face the country is raising the debt ceiling and or defaulting payments to creditors.

Raising the debt ceiling limit had happened about 85 times without any threat of default until the last two times under the Republican House. This procedure simply allows the Treasury Department to raise monies to pay for previous spending by the congress.

One prominent comedian took too the streets and questioned people about "Obamacare" and the Affordable Health Care Act. Most liked the Affordable Care Act and most disliked "Obamacare" — and they apparently didn't know they were the same.

This only proves that if you throw enough mud and false information, some of it will stick.

Robert O. Stone