LETTER: Memorials should be open to veterans

Oct. 18, 2013 @ 04:59 AM

To the Editor:

Putting barricades around monuments that are normally open 24/7 without security is ridiculous. Veterans have the right to visit these places, and their outrage is understandable. The government shutdown should not preclude visitation to these memorials.   

That being said, from all the reports I’ve seen, the speakers at most of these events are berating the wrong people. The government closures are due to one group and one group only — the ultra-conservative Tea Party caucus of the Republican Party. They are the ones that have forced this shutdown.

Our esteemed Congressional representative, Renee Ellmers, has stated that she will forgo her salary as long as the shutdown continues. But she and the rest of Congress already have their paychecks for the month of October. She’s giving us snow in winter.   

The Rev. [Bruce] McInnes is mistaken in his analogy of the debt ceiling as stated in his recent letter. A more accurate analogy would be you’ve maxed out your credit cards and must take a second mortgage on your home to pay them off.

An increase in the debt ceiling does not change how much you owe, just whether or not you’re going to pay for it.  

Neil Rotter

Lee County