LETTER: Paschal knew what it meant to be a ‘servant’

Apr. 08, 2014 @ 04:58 AM

To the Editor:

As The Herald reported last Thursday, Lee County lost a man who served residents well as a longtime county commissioner. I think anyone who knew Ed Paschal would indeed agree with the comments made about him in the article. 

As he did with many others in the county, Ed and I talked often about political issues. Our far-ranging discussions occurred face-to-face, and, sometimes, by phone. Ed was a mainstay at the St. Luke Men’s Wednesday Morning Prayer Breakfast. Both of us arrived early and that was the scene of many of our talks.

As others have suggested, Ed was short on words but thoughtful and clear in his message. He was nice and gentle in tone, but he was unflappable after making a decision about a vote or an issue. He appeared to have keen sense of what the public expected of him as an elected official, and it wasn’t political noise or grandstanding. 

It always seemed to me that Ed had a clear understanding of what the term “servant” means. I think that his interpretation of the term came from his knowledge of the Holy Bible.

Ed Paschal served God, his family, his country and his community tirelessly. He will be greatly missed, and I join others in being thankful that he passed my way. 

Lloyd Jennings

Lee County