LETTER: Living life on ‘his’ terms

Apr. 26, 2014 @ 04:58 AM

To the Editor:

It seems that if one seriously reads the Bible and actually takes it to heart, it would be very difficult to agree with the substance of the Rev. Ronald Stoker’s opinion expressed in his Sunday article “Easter: A love that never quits.”

Rev. Stoker states “...with a snap of the divine finger, Jesus could have converted religious skeptics.” Only if God had chosen to deprive each of us of free will to make our own life/spiritual decisions would that have been possible. Since God loves each of us and wants us to love him (of our own free will), he left us with the personal choice to decide the course of our own lives and whether to shut him out or let him in. By the way, the world is full of “religious” people who shut him out.

The Rev. Stoker makes an even more disturbing observation that “This love (of Jesus) allows others the freedom to live life on their terms with the support of an unconditional relationship.”

This willful personal choice to enjoy “freedom to live on one’s own terms” is the Biblical definition of sin and the sin nature that compelled Jesus out of love to take on the burden of the cross.

To choose to live life on one’s own terms is to say Jesus and the cross are irrelevant. In accepting his gift, I commit myself to living life on his terms — a pretty glorious path to take, at that.

A.B. Harrington