LETTER: Council should have waited until November

Aug. 09, 2013 @ 04:59 AM

To the Editor:

I spoke to the Sanford City Council on Monday, July 29, to no avail. I did not, and I still do not, understand why the bonds are being voted on in September rather than November. I, for one, have had a busy summer and will remain busy as the new school year starts. And I am not alone in this. As I have talked with people about the bonds, I hear two main questions: “What bonds?” and “What are the bonds for?”

The city website is being touted as a way to educate people about the bonds. I’ve asked people, and guess what? They ask, “What website?” The Herald has run articles, but guess what? There are more than 9,000 households in Sanford and not that many paper subscriptions.

If the council really wanted the residents to learn about these bonds, they would have waited until the November general election. The truth is this, they had hoped to get them passed with as few voters as possible and with as little fanfare as possible. For this alone, I’m voting no on the bond issues.

Teri Clark