Opinion: Letters to the Editor

Dec. 07, 2014 @ 04:59 AM

LETTER: More ‘heavy costs’ to coal ash

A lot of consternation over appearances and impressions and communications provides everyone with a way of avoiding responsibility.

Dec. 07, 2014 @ 04:58 AM

LETTER: Board has every right to change gun ordinance

To the Editor:

I was disappointed, dismayed and appalled at the editorial in today’s paper “Commissioners lose on the issue.”

Dec. 06, 2014 @ 04:58 AM

LETTER: Commissioners start with several sophmoric moves

To the Editor:

Merriam-Webster defines the word sophomoric "as having or showing a lack of emotional maturity: foolish and immature."

Dec. 05, 2014 @ 04:59 AM

LETTER: Tax increases are coming

To the Editor:

Elections have consequences. As the tax-and-spend majority takes over the Lee County Board of Commissioners

Dec. 05, 2014 @ 04:58 AM

LETTER: It's time to act

To the Editor:

The Sanford Herald has done a good job in reporting this. John Crumpton has clearly articulated

Dec. 04, 2014 @ 04:58 AM

LETTER: A tale of two men

To the Editor:

Once upon a time two men who had never met went to Walmart with their families. Roger arrived just a little after Jose.

Dec. 03, 2014 @ 04:59 AM

LETTER: Duke Energy should scrap dumb plan

To the Editor:

You simply must view the video online called: “Little Blue — a Broken Promise."

Dec. 02, 2014 @ 05:00 AM

LETTER: Moving away from ‘God in whom we trust’

To the editor:

A president grants amnesty to 5 million illegal aliens. In so doing he breaks the law, defies the Constitution he has sworn to uphold, and says to millions that our immigration laws are meaningless.

Nov. 27, 2014 @ 04:59 AM

LETTER: Thankful, blissful, witty, and wise

To the Editor:

The best part of 2014 for me was and is the making of a new friend — Irene.

Nov. 27, 2014 @ 04:58 AM

LETTER: Silence on Duke plan deafening

To the Editor:

Perhaps Duke Energy is an expert at safely storing coal ash although recent events would not indicate that they are.

Nov. 26, 2014 @ 04:58 AM

LETTER: Many reasons to give thanks

To the Editor:

Friends: With the harangue seemingly, never ending, going on around us, with fracking and coal ash poised to move onto these beautiful, green acres we treasure and know so well, I am truly grateful.

Nov. 25, 2014 @ 05:00 AM

LETTER: Duke's meetings must answer questions

To the Editor:

The agreement of Duke Energy to “hold two public meetings by the end of year’s end to try to make residents more comfortable with the plan …” is indeed good news. Hopefully, these meetings will be factual, science based, and conducted in interactive and engaging settings that include:

Nov. 23, 2014 @ 04:58 AM

LETTER: Duke Energy: Leave us alone

To the Editor:

On Monday, Nov. 17, I attended the Lee County Commissioners meeting and was one of the lucky few to get a seat.

Nov. 22, 2014 @ 04:57 AM

LETTER: Coach gambled away season

To the Editor:

Who was the “genius” who made the decision for Lee Senior High School’s football team to go for a 2-point conversion at the end of the playoff game last Friday (Nov. 14) night versus Orange (County) High School?

Nov. 21, 2014 @ 04:59 AM

LETTER: Duke Energy counting on stupidity

To the Editor:

Lee County commissioners met on Nov. 17 and learned that Duke Energy has plans to bring 8 million tons of toxic coal ash to our county on 410 acres near Colon Road.

Nov. 20, 2014 @ 04:59 AM

LETTER: Parents of children with special needs desire assurance

To the Editor:

My heart filled with empathy as I read the article about the mother who threw her son with autism from a bridge in Grant Pass, Ore. Although every life is a gift from God and this mother’s actions should not be condoned, a lesson can be learned from this incident.

Nov. 19, 2014 @ 04:59 AM

LETTER: County sold to the highest bidder

To the Editor:

My condolences to the residents of Lee County. Already reeling from economic ruin we were sold to the highest bidder by those elected, sworn and paid to protect out interest.

Nov. 18, 2014 @ 05:00 AM

LETTER: Bible is authentic

To the Editor:

I have a question within a question, if you will. Why all the fuss and fuming, the allegations about the authenticity of the Bible? After reading the Bible and the little booklet by Martyn Llay-Jones, titled “Authority” and his well written facts of the truth of the Bible scriptures, it still leaves me with a question as to why all the hoopla about the authenticity of God’s words, the Bible.

Nov. 14, 2014 @ 04:59 AM

LETTER: Lee County in perilous position

To the Editor:

Does Lee County have a bullseye on it for dirty industry to come and prey upon the uneducated and complacent?

Nov. 14, 2014 @ 04:58 AM

LETTER: Little positives came out of past board

To the Editor:

Lee County Commissioner Robert Reives, a community treasure, deserves better than the contemptuous back of the hand he got from his colleague, Kirk Smith, and so does Lee County.

Nov. 12, 2014 @ 04:59 AM

LETTER: Corporate welfare not the answer

To the Editor:

I wish to take issue with Commissioner Robert Reives’ recent statements in The Sanford Herald that “Lee County is now open for Business” and his referring to the “bottleneck” with the current board.

Nov. 12, 2014 @ 04:58 AM

LETTER: It’s good to be Sanford

To the Editor:

It will be good to see happier letters to the editor now that the political season has come and gone.

Nov. 11, 2014 @ 05:00 AM

LETTER: Those in higher education must be accountable

To the Editor:

While CNN and the McClatchy news conglomerate breathe sighs of relief from accusations of reckless disregard for the facts with hopes of gaining Pulitzer recognition, the Wainstein report hardly gives the oldest state supported university any respite from the withering investigations by the NCAA, Martin Law Firm, SBI and UNC over the past six years. In short, the Wainstein report confirms the Martin report.

Nov. 09, 2014 @ 04:58 AM

LETTER: ID laws need consistency

To the Editor:

Having multiple back problems and having just returned from the doctor for a knee procedure, I was having even more than usual trouble walking today (11/03/14).

Nov. 09, 2014 @ 04:58 AM

LETTER: Environment being sold to highest bidder

To the Editor:

The ink had hardly dried on the newspaper's account of the big Republican win nationwide when here in North Carolina the governor and the powers to be in the state Legislature were holding a closed-door meeting with oil company executives.