LETTER: Issues to consider in upcoming elections

Mar. 06, 2014 @ 04:56 AM

To the Editor:

The Herald’s front-page article on Feb. 22, covering the recent budget discussion by the Lee County Board of Commissioners, should be important to everyone. It revealed some issues that voters should seriously consider in the upcoming elections.

The article again clearly disclosed that Democrats have no interest in spending restraints and that taxpayers do not appear on their radar screens.

All Democrats, including those that control the Sanford City Council, sing from the Barack Hussein Obama hymnal. The chorus is always that governments can spend their constituents into prosperity — which in the history of humankind has never worked. It didn’t work for the Roman Empire, and it won’t work now.

President John Kennedy and President Ronald Reagan were more recent national leaders who realized that tax cuts lead to prosperity for everyone and bring in more government revenue. Kennedy was convinced that lowering taxes was the surest path to more employment and lower deficits. It worked under his administration in the 1960s, and it worked in the Reagan  administration in the 1980s.

While Republicans at all government levels try to reduce taxes and allow people to keep more of their money and spend it as they wish, Democrats believe that a government body should confiscate money and spend it.

According to The Herald article, the discussion about cutting the county budget led Democrat Commissioner Robert Reives to say, “The only thing left to cut is their throats.”

It’s evident that Mr. Reives and his Democrat comrades are unhappy with talk about budget cuts, but are not troubled about pulling a knife on taxpayers.

Jonathan Fallin