EDITORIAL: With fight over, CCCC lands in capable hands

Mar. 08, 2014 @ 05:00 AM

The Central Carolina Community College Board of Trustees saga is finally over with the selection of four trustees, two of whom will be returning to the board.

Previously, the Lee County Board of Education appointed four of the trustees. Rep. Mike Stone (R-Lee/Harnett) introduced a bill to change the process after discovering the four seats appointed by the Lee BOE technically were filled improperly, and the seat holders were ousted.

To say the measure caused some hard feelings is an understatement. Jan Hayes and Norman “Chip” Post, along with Chet Mann and Tony Lett, sued to try to remain on the board, but their case was dismissed last month with the caveat that the state couldn’t prevent them from being reappointed, as the law had originally mandated.

Even if Stone introduced the bill with the noblest of intentions, that provision in particular was unnecessary — and we are pleased it did not stand. 

Now, the Lee school board will choose two trustees, with the Chatham and Harnett school boards each appointing one trustee.

The Lee board chose Hayes, executive director of the United Way of Lee County, and Post, a local attorney.

Joining Hayes and Post as new trustees selections are Robert Logan, chosen by the Chatham school board, and Anthony Harrington, chosen by the Harnett school board.

With two prior members joining two new members, the CCCC board will gain some continuity while adding two well qualified individuals who both have knowledge of the community college.

Logan is the former superintendent of the Lee and Chatham public school systems. Harrington is a retired history professor at CCCC.

With the politics now out of the way, it’s time to get on with the governance of the college.

The Lee, Chatham and Harnett communities have been blessed to have such a well respected learning institution like CCCC. It is an educational and economic engine that continues to fuel our people and our businesses.

These four trustees join Julian Philpott (chairman), Patrick Barnes (vice chairman), Brian Bock, Jim Burgin, Bill Carver, Keith Clark, James Kelly, Susan Laudate, Clem Medley, Bobby Powell, Martha Underwood and Bill Wilson in leading the efforts to help our college continue its grand service to our communities.

This Stone-versus-trustees battle was a roundabout way to achieve this outcome, but we are glad to see this contentious matter put to rest.