EDITORIAL: Lots to like about being 'well-centered'

Jun. 13, 2014 @ 05:00 AM

Like many other communities across the country, Sanford is inhabited by people of all ilk – those who were born and raised within the city limits; those who grew up here, moved away and eventually made their way back; and those “newcomers” who moved here in their adult years.

It's that combination of life experiences that helps to make our community unique and interesting.

The reasons why people make Sanford their home are as numerous and unique as the residents themselves.

Jobs can bring people here. So can families, whether they live here or other nearby locations. There's also the weather, golf, the proximity of places like the Triangle, Fayetteville-Fort Bragg and the Southern Pines-Pinehurst areas.

Being about halfway between the beaches and mountains is certainly attractive to many. Even the availability of hospitals within a reasonable driving distance is a benefit. And we don't discount the draw of such area amenities as the Temple Theatre, Jordan Lake and lots of top-notch golf links.

Another advantage for the "pro" column — Housing costs are reasonable, with a variety of options available.

Whatever brings someone here, and however long they stay, it’s easy to find good things to say about living in the Sanford-Lee County area.

But perhaps the greatest reason is that we believe our city is just the right size – small enough that it's not metropolitan and large enough that someone can find just about everything they need right here.

With the goal of showing what brings and keeps people here, The Herald is pleased to present our series "Destination: Sanford," which shares some of the stories of people who like calling Sanford home.

We take great pride in Sanford. We believe there are many great reasons to live here. Those with the good fortune of being "well-centered" should embrace those positives and tout what's best about our hometown — whether they’ve lived here all their lives or for just a short time.