LETTER: An open letter to Gov. McCrory

Jun. 26, 2013 @ 04:59 AM

To the Editor:

Open letter to Gov. McCrory:

I’m disheartened about how the Republican-dominated legislature is giving huge tax cuts to the wealthy and letting the majority of the people of our state suffer the consequences in income, education, health and employment. Have you considered that many of your voters might not like what you’re doing? I work at the polls in Moncure. Three Rivers had many Republican voters, many of whom were among those barely making a living.

You must not see North Carolina as I do — a small farmer, senior citizen, living a good life, still working, with Medicare and Medicaid, good schools for my grandchildren, beautiful Jordan Lake (which fracking will destroy), and friends who believe in democracy and freedom of speech and go to protest what the legislature is doing to those of us who live and work here.

For the most part, our air, water and earth aren't horribly polluted yet. It's a good climate for new businesses, especially the non-polluting kind. We're proud of our agriculture, tourism and friendliness. Do you wish to destroy all this? If not, you have a lot of vetoes to send to the legislature.

Is Art Pope running the state? Is he the governor? Didn't you promise to serve and protect us? Have you lost control of your fellow Republicans? Isn’t it time to rein them in before they ruin our lives and livelihoods? What will your 2 percent rich people do when all the rest are improverished and in ill health, when the tourists stop coming, the farmers fail, our schools go to the bottom of the states’ rankings and our trust is government is gone?

Gov. McCrory, I didn't vote for you, but I had some faith in your leadership. We have had good honest, sensible Republican governors. How will your record look in 10 years?

Judy Hogan