LETTER: Request for more state coverage

Jun. 29, 2013 @ 04:57 AM

To the Editor:

I would like to request The Sanford Herald to please cover regularly more political and governmental news from our state's capitol in Raleigh. I would also appreciate hearing more from your editorial board about the travesty being played out in state government; and yes, I encourage you to please take a position occasionally, so we may know how you view the train wreck in Raleigh — or if you see it differently. I believe folks in Lee County want and deserve to know more about what is going on that will affect their short- and long-term future.

Other state and regional papers, based on the guest editorials you share with you readers regularly, point out the shenanigans of this Republican administration and General Assembly. They often call out this regime as extreme ideologues, with no interest in anything much other than their own narrow, conservative, Tea Party-inspired agenda bankrolled, in part, by big money from out of state.

In my view, this is political overcorrection that is reversing the solid gains in public education, the environment, gun safety, indigent health care, unemployment, women's health issues and voter rights that moderate Democrats and Republicans worked together to create over the past 60 years.

Lee County citizens deserve to know more about the present goings on in Raleigh. I appreciate that you are an award-winning local newspaper, but you would be doing us all a big favor by exposing us more to news about current state legislation, shining a brighter light on the storm just to our north!

Richard Hayes