LETTER: Next time, it could be your ham sandwich

Aug. 07, 2013 @ 05:00 AM

To the Editor:

The old adage that “You can sue a ham sandwich” has almost become reality in Lee County.

Residents of the county should not be surprised that the county’s rich and famous would file a lawsuit to remain on the Central Carolina Community College Board of Trustees. This is just another display of the elitist’s arrogant, blunt-instrument blows to the heads of the public — and especially to taxpayers. The suit against public-funded entities is a suit against taxpayers who are already struggling to survive in this economy.

The plaintiffs in this lawsuit, Chet Mann, Jan Hayes, Tony Lett and “Chip” Post, along with their attorney, Jon Silverman, have one thing in common. Each of them is a proponent of spending other people’s money, and the cost of this lawsuit will be borne by taxpayers.

The average individual would consider suing to retain a seat on a board, to which they have been appointed by elected officials, to be foolish and embarrassing. But, this ridiculous action is in keeping with this authoritarian regime’s efforts to control every aspect of county residents’ lives.

This self-anointed, elitist gang obviously believes that others were born to worship at their altar. As evidenced by this jaw-dropping lawsuit, they see the sun setting upon their power to control the county. This called for desperate action, which has been brought by Mr. Post’s law partner, who should be comfortable representing the gang of four. Mr. Silverman’s common role in the courtroom is defending criminal elements of our society. Also, his partisan actions as the Democratic Party representative on the Lee County Board of Elections is well known.

All of the above-mentioned people have strongly supported Democrat politicians such as John Edwards, Mike Easley and Beverly Perdue, all of whom have spent time in courtrooms as defendants.

Watch out! Your ham sandwich could be next.

Jonathan Gonia

Lee County