LETTER: Stone response will be interesting

Aug. 10, 2013 @ 04:59 AM

To the Editor:

The controversy over Mike Stone’s attempted dismantling of the CCCC Board of Trustees can be easily resolved. Rep. Stone is under subpoena to testify about:

1. Why he overruled the decisions of the duly elected Lee County Board of Education

2. Why he has barred individuals who have diligently served our community from future service as CCCC Trustees

3. Why he chose not to attempt to fix problems with appointments made to the CCCC Board of Trustees by the Lee County Commissioners (appointed in the same manner as the School Board appointees), which happen to be run by his crony and Lee County outsider Jim Womack

4. Why he attempted to rob the Board of Education of any authority to appoint members to the CCCC Board of Trustees and gave it all to Jim Womack

It will be interesting to see if Stone will stand up in front of his community and tell everyone why his actions are “absolutely legit” — or if he will try to use a “legal loophole” like legislative immunity to avoid telling us what he’s really up to.

Ann O. Bass