LETTER: No need for disrespect

Aug. 13, 2013 @ 04:58 AM

To the Editor:

One of the great freedoms we have in this country is the ability to express what we believe. I respect this freedom. In many cases we, as Americans, do disagree on certain issues but we can agree to disagree. However, when name-calling and personal attacks on one’s character and integrity are involved it becomes a different issue.

I was very disturbed when I read the two letters to the editor in The Sanford Herald on Wednesday, Aug. 7, regarding the CCCC Board of Trustees and several of the appointees. The writers of these two letters voiced their opinion, but also chose to attack the character of Chet Mann, Chip Post, Jan Hayes and Tony Lett (as well as Chas Post and Jon Silverman).

These people I have named are outstanding citizens of Sanford and Lee County and are simply trying to be good stewards for CCCC and Lee County. They have every right to stand up and fight for what they believe.

Disagreeing with an issue is one thing, but resorting to name-calling and treating people with total disrespect is quite another.

Elizabeth B. Daniel