LETTER: Chet Mann loves this city

Aug. 13, 2013 @ 04:55 AM

To the Editor:

When I think about qualities I feel a person should have to be a leader, I think of knowledge, wisdom, decisiveness, integrity, self confidence and the ability to listen to others. Chet Mann embodies all of these qualities and will lead Sanford well as mayor. 

I have known Chet all his life and watched him grow up here in Sanford. As a youth, he was a leader in school and in his church. He was a good athlete and a good sport. His peers looked up to him. Chet has always been compassionate, considerate and respectful of others.

After graduating from UNC Chapel Hill, Chet came back to Sanford to go into business and raise his family. He loves this city! He serves on many boards and committees and has served as president of the Chamber of Commerce. He cares about the citizens of Sanford and wants to represent them and address their needs. He listens when they talk to him. He gives and gives selflessly of his time and energy because he cares. 

Chet is a visionary, looking to the needs of the future. He is young, bright and energetic and will work hard to help make Sanford a wonderful place to live now and in the years to come.

Please vote for Chet Mann for mayor on Tuesday, Sept. 10th!

Peggy Hendley