LETTER: Citizens deserve an apology

Jun. 04, 2014 @ 03:05 PM

To the Editor:

What a surprise — the lawsuit against Lee County’s Republican commissioners has been dropped. I find Mr. [Jay] Calendine’s reason quite hypocritical. According to The Herald, Mr. Calendine stated the following for dropping the lawsuit: “We would have won our case, but the county would have given the bill to the taxpayers…”

Really? You mean he had no clue who would eventually foot the bill? Since government can do nothing without taxpayer dollars, it’s the citizens who always get shafted in these cases.

Just speculating, but why would a plaintiff who knows he will win a lawsuit drop it? After all, he had a sympathetic judge and law firm. I’ve got a really strange feeling there may be more to this story than we will ever be told. So be it.

Given the language in the injunction on page six, #29, anyone might question Commissioner [Amy] Dalrymple’s call to Mr. Calendine that night of the town hall at Carolina Trace. Why didn’t she call the head of security at Carolina Trace, or even the sheriff’s office if her experience was as horrible as noted?

Continuing on page seven, #30, it states that a formal meeting with the commissioners didn’t happen until Ms. Dalrymple showed up. Her presence at the town hall caused the quorum. With Commissioner [Jim] Womack out of town, the other three Republicans and one Democrat, Ms. Dalrymple, created the majority required. Do you still believe there was nothing political, as stated by Mr. Calendine’s lawyer?

But seriously, did we have to go through all this for Mr. Calendine to accomplish his mission to publicly embarrass the GOP in an election cycle? Nope. He was correct in calling out the error. The path taken was wrong, in my opinion.

Thank goodness it’s almost over. One question does remain unanswered: When will Commissioner Dalrymple and Mr. Calendine apologize to the families of the three Republican commissioners for the pain and worry caused, and to the taxpayers for dollars spent for Mr. Yarborough’s time to prepare and defend the citizens of Lee County? They should. And the citizens deserve one ...

Sheila Barber