LETTER: Fracking needs a longer look

Jan. 24, 2014 @ 04:58 AM

To the Editor:

Humor is one of my favorite ways to get through the day. It gives us energy and moves all of the right muscles on our faces. I do admit that I don't read the funny pages of The Sanford Herald every day, but I do read it many days. I do not like the new comic, Fort Knox. I do not believe that it reflects a positive image of our beloved United States Military. Beetle Bailey is still a private after 60 some years, but his story is a more comedic representation of our military and doesn't seem to be as harmful or represent anger or ridicule of the military as much as Fort Knox. Can we get a more positive comic in place of Fort Knox?

On a more serious note, please look up the article concerning hydraulic fracturing (fracking), written by Mr. Richard Hayes, and read that and please do what you can to get our representatives to take a longer look before they begin the fracking process. After they begin, they are not likely to stop until every flake, or degree, or whatever the process of measurement is called, is collected from our earth. And now, we do not know what the true cost of this extraction will be. It is my opinion that Lee County and its citizens will not reap enough money to make this venture worthwhile. They need to prove it to us long before this work begins. I agree with Mr. Hayes that there needs to be much more investigation into hydraulic fracturing (fracking) before the sound of any engine is heard.

Janet Chilton