LETTER: Thanks for the kindness

Jan. 25, 2014 @ 04:59 AM

Last Friday, my elderly aunt and uncle were traveling to Cary Skin Clinic from Robbins. On the way, they [incurred] two flat tires in the Sanford area. A very nice police officer, Officer Kinton, stopped to help. He changed the tire and watched my uncle drive off, only to witness the spare tire blow out. Officer Kinton took the original tire to Atlantic Tire to get another one. He came back with Steve McDuffie and a used tire, which they proceeded to put on the car. They then called the Skin Center to let them know my aunt and uncle were on the way.

A very special thank you to Officer Kinton and Steve McDuffie for such kindness shown to my aunt and uncle in their time of need.

Jack Hussey

Southern Pines