LETTER: Congratulations to Jimmy Love

Jan. 25, 2014 @ 04:58 AM

As a longtime friend, high school classmate and later accountant for Jimmy Love Sr.’s law firm, I can truthfully brag about Jimmy deserving all the praise which is certainly coming his way due to his most recent accomplishment — receiving one of North Carolina’s highest awards, The Order of the Longleaf Pine. I am sure that former Lt. Gov. Dennis Wicker, former law partner who presented Jimmy with this distinguishing award, can vouch for all the complimentary statements I may make about this man.   

This brings to mind another subject; Jimmy L. Love Sr. should run for governor of North Carolina in our next election. It is time to clean up Raleigh politics and move Pat McCrory back to Charlotte, along with his cronies. What a shining star Jimmy will make as our next governor. With some encouragement from citizens of Lee County, perhaps Jimmy will take time from his Saturday morning quail hunting and law office responsibilities and consider running for governor. It’s never too late to say, “Yes, I will.”

What are Jimmy Love’s political accomplishments? There are many. He served in the North Carolina House of Representatives from 1967-1977, serving five consecutive terms. During that time, he was chairman of the House Appropriations Committee. Also, he served two more terms in the House between 2007 and 2011.   

Let’s get the ball rolling. Talk Jimmy Love into running for governor of this fine state of North Carolina, now, before the GOP erases all good things the Democrats accomplished during the past 100 years.

Ann O. Bass