Thumbs up and down

Jan. 26, 2014 @ 05:00 AM


Congratulations to Carolina Animal Rescue and Adoption, a local animal shelter which has been chosen for the only MuttNation grant to be awarded in North Carolina.

The MuttNational Foundation is a charity of country music star Miranda Lambert. One shelter from each of our 50 states was chosen to receive a $3,000 grant.

The foundation was looking for shelters that have a low kill rate and a high adoption rate, a large pool of active volunteers, low administrative costs, an up-to-date website and other forms of communication, and a strong track record of supporting spay and neuter campaigns.

CARA doesn’t euthanize animals — and works hard to see that its dogs and cats are placed into loving homes.

The Central Carolina area is fortunate to have such a facility in its midst.


It’s a shame some individuals feel the need to swoop down and take advantage of careless victims.

Such was the case this week when it was reported that two men came to the house of an area woman, offering her a special one-day-only deal to reseal her driveway.

The Lee County Sheriff’s Office report noted that the men wanted the money before doing the job, which she gave them, and then poured some substance on her driveway before leaving.

The N.C. Attorney General’s office has this tip: “Say no to high-pressure sales pitches. ... If the offer is only good today, walk away.”

That’s logical advice.

THUMBS UP: Forward thinking

It’s obvious that there’s a need for more school construction in Lee County. It has been noted that every public elementary school in the county is at or above capacity.

This week, commissioners heard a report from a company that builds environmentally friendly (i.e., green energy and cost effective) schools. This same company builds schools then leases them.

Instead of outright purchase of a school, the school would be leased to the entity.

It seems like an idea that could have merit. It is certainly worth exploring, especially to see which arrangement — the county funding its own building program or instead signing lease agreements for the facilities — would best serve our citizens.

It matters not from where the idea came or which plan may be best. We’ll leave those decisions to our commissioners and our school board.

What should matter, however, is what provides the biggest bang for our buck for the taxpayers.

We like that our officials are looking at options to provide appropriate facilities that provide the greatest learning opportunities and greatest learning environment for our students.