LETTER: Wearing the 'stupid hat'

Jul. 16, 2014 @ 04:58 AM

To the Editor:

Thanks to [Gov.] Pat McCrory, I now understand what is going on in state government. The elected officials in the House and Senate are wearing their stupid hat.

Some of them want to redo how the insurance commissioner does his job. If they do, we'll pay 25 percent more on car insurance. Stupid hat.

They would rather give millions to companies for a few hundred jobs — that will pay better than average — than give raises to state employees and hire more help. For that kind of money, they could make classrooms much smaller. Stupid hat still on ...

They want to get rid of Common Core because it is hard, yet businesses and colleges like it — stupid hat.

People are driving more fuel-efficient cars, so they are thinking of charging a fee of one cent per mile for road repairs. Yet again, stupid hat.

The companies that helped pay their way into office are now running ads about how great they are. We the people of North Carolina are not wearing the stupid hat; we know the truth.

[Rep.] Mike Stone and your fracking buddies, I want to know what is in it for ya’ll. Are you putting a fracking station in your yard for your families to enjoy? Or, how about barrels of wastewater at your home?

We need a “come to Jesus” with these politicians and to “rebaptize” them in a pool of fresh fracking water.

Lucy Tucker