LETTER: Letter writer expresses valid bypass concerns

Mar. 19, 2013 @ 05:01 AM

To the Editor:

This letter is in response to the letter to the editor titled “Safety concerns surround bypass.”

My husband and I are in total agreement with Mr. Axner concerning the safety surrounding the termination/access of U.S. 421 bypass where it ends at N.C. 87.

As Mr. Axner said, the merging area of U.S. 421 into N.C. 87 is a potential accident waiting to happen. The southbound merging on N.C. 87 is very short and abrupt and very dark at night, with cars speeding at 60-plus miles per hour. Also, the fact that there are no guardrails on the hill/curve on N.C. 87 South where merging begins makes for a very dangerous situation.

I'm surprised that someone has not careened off to the left on that hill/curve onto the bypass below. In addition, the striping in many places is either faded or gone, making it near impossible to determine where to go on a rainy night. And why one has to exit onto N.C. 87-Sanford Downtown only to merge back onto it going north is beyond my comprehension.

A safer solution, as Mr. Axner stated, might have been to leave N.C. 87 the way it was, putting an exit with a light at the termination of U.S. 421 bypass and making what is now the exit for Sanford/Downtown North the entrance to U.S. 421 N.

Since I live in the Trace, I have also found that taking the bypass to get to assorted places on the north side of town does indeed add six miles to the journey, so I have opted to go the old way through town to get to those destinations. Time-wise, both ways takes about the same amount of time. The only time I use the bypass is if I want to go to Chapel Hill, Cary, Raleigh or other points north.

I might add that U.S. 421, when completed, will nevertheless be a wonderful way to get to Greensboro from the Trace or other areas in town.

I rest my case.

Virginia Pembleton