LETTER: Have we gone mad?

Mar. 19, 2013 @ 04:59 AM

To the Editor:

Wow, as an American who has lived into my retirement years, maybe my thoughts might say, “You're something out of a museum!”

When I saw the article, “Sanford may gain Chinese sister city,” man alive did my blood boil! In my opinion, we are at a junction of “to be or not to be.” Some in Washington say we are still a super power and that, folks, every day with our economy is proving to be a myth.

After all, when our children or grandchildren grab their toys from under the Christmas tree, will they doubt that Santa Claus is from the North Pole? Yeah, if they are at the reading stage, they will ask mommy and daddy, “Gee, Santa is from China, not the North Pole.” We'll quiz them, asking why, and they'll reply, "because everything under the tree has the stamp or label saying 'Made in China!'”

If one simply looks through history America saved China from the Japanese in World War II, and how did they reward us? Yep, a scant five years later, they waded into the Korean Conflict by the millions, causing another bloodletting of American soldiers’ blood. It didn't end there. Human rights or Geneva Convention — ha ha, get a reality check! Remember the brainwashing and torture of captured American GI's?

The recent news has included a secret Chinese “military” organization using cybercrime to steal trade secrets and advanced technology from America. And, golly gee whiz, remember the Fisher Price toy company with its wonderful “lead paint” products from China? Any TVs or radios made in America? These millions of mopeds on the roads are almost 100 percent Chinese!

Got an Apple iPad — China! We did have Dell in N.C. for a scant few years making computers, but that folded quick. And Chevrolet, the heartbeat of America — let's just take one car, the new Chevy Spark, the compact city car — U.S. content 15 percent!

Sorry, but if Sanford gains a Chinese sister city, I think that I will just walk out in the backyard and puke! Something tells me we have gone mad!

George J. Wilberg