LETTER: Lee School Board acted appropriately

Mar. 23, 2013 @ 04:59 AM

To the Editor:

Jonathan Fallin’s letter to the editor, published on March 20, missed the target in accusing members of the board of education of “hypocrisy.”

It is appropriate and the duty of board members to address the overcrowding at each elementary school and to provide costs associated with the construction of a much-needed additional school. A new elementary school would replace all current mobile classrooms housing the 500 plus students assigned to them.

Regarding the purchase of tablets, even Gov. McCrory has recognized Lee County Schools for its commitment to technology, and in his recently released budget, he is proposing technology funding for all school districts.

Finally, Sen. Rabin’s office was out of line in its request of the board. There is no problem with his staff mailing letters to a student’s home, but never should an elected official instruct a school system’s resources to be used in the manner requested. Mr. Fallin’s assertion that “Moss and the school board had no problem with a Tramway Elementary class sending political letters to Rep. Mike Stone” is blatantly false.

Bill Tatum


Editor’s note: Bill Tatum is a former member of the Lee County Board of Education.