LETTER: ‘Don’t mean nothing!’

Mar. 28, 2013 @ 04:59 AM

To the Editor:

Recent newspaper articles, including The Sanford Herald, covered new proposed gun law legislation. While in the ‘Nam in the service years ago, we had a favorite saying for many things we could not control or change — “Don’t mean nothing!” How so?

Recently, my brother, Peter, and I went for a sojourn to a local wrecking yard to find possible cars for parts or profit. Not finding suitable donors, we chanced upon more than two dozen cars involved in gang-related shootouts now dragged after the court cases to be salvaged or turned into soup cans. Drugs, turf [disputes] or just the mean streets created many bullet holes in these wrecks that once cruised our streets. The violence manifested itself in shattered windshields, steering wheels shot away, seats shredded and bullet holes everywhere. About one car, my brother said, “Gosh, there are some 108 bullet holes” in this one door, but he might have missed one or two.

Ah, former math teachers. Ya gotta love em! But wait, two-way battles ... many empty casings inside the vehicles from the posse, as they call their group, shooting back. The interiors were shredded just like those occupants must have been. For the most part, the driver’s seats were missing due to being removed to be police evidence in these shootings. [Judging] from the damage and old bloodstains, many had three to four occupants in each vehicle! We both wondered how many of these dudes had background checks before they purchased their heavy armament.

Looking at the empties, from my past 21 years in the Army, [I could tell they] were from what many term assault rifles, and some had to be fully automatic looking at the many empty casings. From the grave of one of these participants in gun violence, I can see a form arising with words ... he is speaking now, “You don’t need no stinkin’ background checks to get my AK-47!” But his background check was now being in the “ground!”

Hmm, we both thought sounds about right, doesn’t it? Yep. “Don’t mean nothing!”

George J. Wilberg