LETTER: Why not Dr. Bryan?

Mar. 29, 2013 @ 04:58 AM

As I am sure many people, including teachers, in our community felt while reading “School Board Turns to External Search,” I was appalled to discover that our school board has reached the decision to spend thousands of dollars, irresponsibly in my opinion, to pay an outside firm to help them hire a new superintendent.

I challenge them to find a candidate more qualified to lead our system than Dr. Andy Bryan. As a classroom teacher in Lee County for more than 15 years, I can promise you I have never met an associate superintendent with better experience, knowledge, leadership skills and educational background. Dr. Bryan is on our local school campuses on a daily basis. He and his wife have two children in our school system and have made Sanford their home. Dr. Bryan has been behind most of the initiatives that have been a part of our success during the past several years. He would require no external search, saving thousands of dollars that could be spent on tutors, a teacher’s assistant, or maybe even a classroom teacher position.

Dr. Bryan is known as a leader who brings people together. His voice is always one of reason. He is already a valued member of our community. We have seen Dr. Bryan’s work ethic, his leadership qualities and his character on display for many years. Why would we force our children to take a costly chance when we already have such a highly qualified candidate?

Furthermore, what does it say about Lee County Schools, the Lee County School Board and our county commissioners if we choose to spend money we don’t have on searching for a flashy resume, when we already know how much our students will benefit from Dr. Andy Bryan’s experience and leadership?

We have made tremendous gains and achievements over the past several years. Dr. Andy Bryan has been a major part of those gains and achievements. Why should our school board make this unwise decision at the expense of our taxpayers, teachers and children? Why should we be forced to take five steps backward just to hire someone “outside” of Lee County when we could provide our community with a smooth transition of a proven leader in Dr. Andy Bryan?

Kim Stuart