LETTER: Easter prompts many questions

Mar. 30, 2013 @ 05:00 AM

To the Editor:

I was just wondering ... where were the disciples after Jesus was arrested? And what was their attitude? Weren't they the men who proclaimed they'd follow him even to death? (John 13:37 “Peter said to Him ... I will lay down my life for Thy sake.”) Since Judas had left to betray him, don’t you feel all the others agreed with Peter?

So, where were the 11 while Jesus bore his cross up the Via Dolorosa, after being beaten nearly to death? Will we find them in the crowds by the road to Golgotha, or at the top of that hill where others waited? Doesn't the Bible indicate that they were cowering in a locked room upstairs deep in the heart of Jerusalem? Don't you agree that fear had made them hide? Do you agree that they were sure it was all over, and they'd be next if they showed themselves in Jerusalem? Didn't some of the excited women report that they had seen Jesus, so how did they feel, or when two men who had left them hours earlier to go to Emmaus returned and reported talking with Jesus?

Wasn't it like news that was too good to be true? Do you recall that Jesus himself went to where they were hiding? Who was absent (besides Judas!)? Didn't Jesus care enough to return when Thomas was present? Do you remember the claim in Acts 1:3-4, there were “... many infallible proofs” that he really was alive, and he was seen by 500 at once? (500 people can't hallucinate at once!)

Have you ever wondered why Jesus didn't show himself to Pilate, the priest, the populace? Is this not the reason: For three-and-a-half years, he did miracles and preached openly, was met with rejection, so they already had their chance? Isn't it logical that one who rose from the dead and offers us forgiveness, hope and eternal love is worth following? Doesn't it come down to simple faith? And isn't that begun by a sincere decision?

I was just wondering ... how about you?

Bob Yandle